What Are You Looking At?


When you look in the mirror…who are you looking at? Who’s making up your face? Are you proud of her, ashamed of her, inspired by her, disgusted by her? Who are you REALLY setting your eyes on? When you look yourSELF in the face, that is exactly what you should be looking at and paying attention to…your-SELF. I’m not talking about your eyes, your skin-tone, your hair, your weight, or any physical attribute…I’m talking about your true self. Look at what you’ve achieved, what you’ve overcome, what you’ve had to fight for to get to that chick you have your eyes glued to in the mirror. Look at the things about you that make you unique from any other woman. Look at your blessings, look at your goals, look at you. Don’t focus on your imperfections…we’re all flawed in some way, so that doesn’t make you special.

What makes you special is that you are able to see through your own flaws, physical or otherwise, and know that there is still something about you that deserves to be blessed in life. Nobody in this world has to believe in you, love you, value you, or trust you more than you need to do all those things for yourself. You can’t get down on yourself because of someone else’s actions or words. Can you see those people when you look in the mirror? Or do you only see yourSELF? Are the ones who hurt you, taunted you, disrespected you, or did you any harm standing in the mirror with you? Didn’t think so. So the next time you look in the mirror ask yourself, “What are you looking at?” p.s.– it’s ok to answer yourself too in this situation šŸ™‚


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