Morning Mo-tivation


Sometimes when it seems like things are falling apart…they’re actually just falling into place. Don’t panic. Change is necessary for progress. Have an awesome M-powering day!– Monique 🙂


Morning Mo-tivation


Don’t keep focusing on the things in life that you DON”T have. Count your blessings and be grateful because there’s someone, somewhere who doesn’t have even half of the the things and the people that you have to be thankful for. So stop with all the I wish, I wish, I wish…take what you have, dust it off, and make it sparkle! 🙂 Have an awesome M-powering day!– Monique 🙂

Who Is More Important?

How important are you to yourself? How important is your own happiness versus someone else’s happiness and satisfaction? Before you answer these questions you should think about some things. You should think about the kinds of people you let into your life, what kinds of friends you have and how many times you have done something that has made you unhappy or uncomfortable just to please someone else, or how many times you’ve “stuck it out” in a situation that was unrewarding and draining just because the situation or the person involved in the situation was familiar and/or an important piece of who you are.

Once you answer those questions then you should be better able to answer the first two questions and you may discover that you are not as important to yourself as you think you are and that you are constantly putting other people’s happiness before your own. Not good. I know that this gets you nowhere in life because when you use up all your energy trying to be somebody’s everything, somebody’s vision of perfection or trying to change someone to fit into your own vision of perfection–you have no energy left to do the things that would make your own life easy and enjoyable. You can’t always take on the weight of the world and then expect people to return the favor or even just appreciate your effort…that’s just not the way the world works.

When you constantly give give give, even when you have nothing left to give people expect for you to keep on giving because that is your role in THEIR lives. But in order to keep your sanity you need to give UP the idea that everyone in your life will one day get it together and realize that you have your own life, your own issues to deal with and your own dilemmas to face. What you need to start doing is making it a point to just refuse people sometimes…take time for you, even if it’s just to sit and do nothing…at least you’re sitting and doing for YOURSELF and not using all your time and energy to cater to someone else. There’s nothing wrong with being a caring person and having a big heart, but the problem is when you neglect yourself or your small children or when you abandon your own dreams and goals to help others follow through with their dreams and goals. Your not being fair to yourself. This is just something to think about.

Morning Mo-tivation

Your mind is your own! Don’t ever let another human being make it up or change it for you. Think for yourself always. In life you’re gonna mess up sometimes when it comes to making decisions…and that’s ok. as long as we learn from our poor choices and bad experiences, nothing was lost.  Have an awesome M-powering day! :-)– Monique

Morning Mo-tivation

Accept the duties and the obligations in your life today! We all have the impulse to advise the people we care about, even to try to “fix” their lives, often because focusing on others is easier than focusing on ourselves. It’s not selfish to cultivate your own garden…it’s the only way you can be strong enough even to begin helping others.– Iyanla Vanzant