The Awesome Kid Foundation!


Hello my M-powered army! I know I’ve been missing in action for a bit but…it’s was all for a worthy cause. I was working on a few projects including a non-profit charity I’ve set up called The Awesome Kid Foundation. To learn more about the cause, please visit the new website. The site has only been up less than 24 hours so it is a work in progress, but please take a minute to find out how you can help me in my mission to be an extra support system for less fortunate children. Any help is greatly appreciated…and please spread the word! Thanks :-)– Monique






Making Sure Your Child Is Prepared To Learn

Now that the first 2 weeks of school are behind them, homework has started coming home, reading and writing projects have been assigned, and the thrill of getting back to school to see friends and talk about summer has worn off…it’s time to get busy.

One of the best ways to help your child reach success in school is to make sure they are prepared and ready to learn each and every day. Here are a few tips to help your child stay prepared!


  • No matter what age they are check over their homework; not only to make sure it is complete but to make sure they also understand what they are learning.
  • Make sure they always have enough supplies and restock as necessary (re: paper, pencils, notebooks, etc…)
  • Set a day and time every week to help them get re-organized; clean out book bags, folders, and binders.
  • Check their agenda books so that you know what and when homework assignments and big projects are due so that you don’t discover incomplete work at the last minute. If your child’s school has a website you can also check for assignments and other info online…just in case you have a child who “forgets” their work.
  • Write in your own planner as well to help remind you when field trips are, money is due for things, picture day, early dismissal, activities, performances…you get my drift J
  • Make sure your child has everything he needs together, the night before…near the door and ready to go! There’s nothing like having to search for instruments or gym uniforms and media books on your way OUT of the door.
  • Know when tests are coming up so that you can set aside time to study WITH your child so that they are prepared.

Those are a few things that should be helpful with keeping your awesome one on track. I also like to pay for lunch ahead of time to prevent that “I left my lunch money home” phone call when he’s not packing lunch. If you stay involved and let your kids know that you take their education serious (beyond just checking their report cards and asking if they did homework), they generally follow suit! J

Tips To Help You Stay In The Loop With What’s Going On With Your Child And School

We all want our children to be successful academically. We all want to ensure that they are given every opportunity to succeed, and that starts with us. Being involved, asking questions and keeping an open line of communication with your children are all a part of his/her academic success. Here are a few suggestions to stay active in your children’s education. 🙂

  • Stay informed– know the curriculum; know school policies; know when progress reports and report cards are due to come home; know what resources are available to you and your child to help keep you on top of things…we can’t always depend on our kids to make us aware
  • Communicate with your child and his/her teachers–ask your child about school everyday; ask if he/she needs extra help in a subject; ask teachers if they think your child is being challenged enough, if they are actively participating in class; ask what you can do at home to help them be successful
  • Volunteer at school whenever possible–show that you are actively involved in their education
  • Make sure that your child’s learning doesn’t stop at homework–have a system that includes studying and reading

These are just a few of the things that we as parents can do to encourage and support our children’s success in school! Let them know that you care about their education. 🙂