What Are You Looking At?


When you look in the mirror…who are you looking at? Who’s making up your face? Are you proud of her, ashamed of her, inspired by her, disgusted by her? Who are you REALLY setting your eyes on? When you look yourSELF in the face, that is exactly what you should be looking at and paying attention to…your-SELF. I’m not talking about your eyes, your skin-tone, your hair, your weight, or any physical attribute…I’m talking about your true self. Look at what you’ve achieved, what you’ve overcome, what you’ve had to fight for to get to that chick you have your eyes glued to in the mirror. Look at the things about you that make you unique from any other woman. Look at your blessings, look at your goals, look at you. Don’t focus on your imperfections…we’re all flawed in some way, so that doesn’t make you special.

What makes you special is that you are able to see through your own flaws, physical or otherwise, and know that there is still something about you that deserves to be blessed in life. Nobody in this world has to believe in you, love you, value you, or trust you more than you need to do all those things for yourself. You can’t get down on yourself because of someone else’s actions or words. Can you see those people when you look in the mirror? Or do you only see yourSELF? Are the ones who hurt you, taunted you, disrespected you, or did you any harm standing in the mirror with you? Didn’t think so. So the next time you look in the mirror ask yourself, “What are you looking at?” p.s.– it’s ok to answer yourself too in this situation 🙂


M-powering Moments: Veronica G. (Part IV)

This is part 4 of Veronica G.’s journey to the M-powered woman that she is today. She wanted to tell every piece of her story in hopes that it would reach another woman that may be in the midst of that same journey, to show that if she can endure all that she has had to endure…you can too and make it through.– Monique 🙂

I thought of all the things I could do with the money,,,,,,needless to say I didn’t do any of those things. My addiction to crack overpowered my will to stay clean!!! I got several checks totaling close to $20,000 & it was off to the races. This time was much worse than the last,,,,,,I lost my job but I didn’t care,,,,,,I spent the bulk of that money getting high on crack, drinking and smoking weed. In 6 months every penny was gone. I was so messed up I could not work,,,,,,,,who would hire me I was a mess!!! When before in my addiction I could work to support my habit this time was different,,,,,,I had to find other means of supporting myself & my habit. I turned to prostitution selling my body for drugs & money. I got tired of the street-walker thing that didn’t work for me,,,,,,,, in that period when I was walking the streets I had been raped, beaten, abducted pushed out of cars & robbed. I had met several men in my short time of walking the streets that were willing to pay much more for my time, then just some random joe on the streets so I decided that if I was going to sell my body I had to find a safer way to do it. I clean myself up got me some nice clothes That’s when I decided I would be a call girl. I had one client for everyday of the week. I thought this is much better one date a day and I was good. No beatings no abuse I thought well this is classier then standing on street corners jumping in and out of cars. This lasted a few years one of my clients even proposed to me,,,,,,of course I couldn’t marry him this man was a millionaire I was hardly good enough for him I thought!!!! There were several other proposals as well,,,,,,,and that’s when something changed in me again,,,,,,,,,I couldn’t keep living my life like this,,,,(to be continued)

M-powering Business Women: Shawntay Williams and Stacie Hutton

Shawntay Williams and Stacie Hutton are the owners and designers of Ssss Jewelry. They are two sisters (literally) who work together to create the finest accessories to fit any personal style. They’re also my family! Support these M-powered young women in their success. 🙂 and don’t forget to “like” them on facebook 🙂 

Morning Mo-tivation

You may not be exactly where you want to be in life right this minute…but put your hands together, drop to your knees and praise HIM and thank HIM because you’re not where you used to be! Have a peaceful, productive day dolls!– Monique 🙂

Tips To “Pull Yourself Together”


Life can be overwhelming sometimes. Kids, jobs, bills, relationships, etc…Sometimes it can feel like there is no end to our problems in sight. With so much going on in our everyday lives it can be easy to forget that we MUST take care of ourselves before we can take care of business. If you’re not eating right, sleeping well, and are abusing your body with unnecessary stress and not taking time-outs to recharge and regroup it’s hard to face the stressors of everyday life. If you’re stressed out and feeling like you are at the end of your frayed little rope…here are some tips to help you try to pull it all back together. 🙂

  • Take A Break– a vacation someplace with beautiful turquoise water would be nice but if that’s not quite an option, just take a break ALONE. Send the kids with a good friend or family member for a day or two; schedule a few days off from work and just take some time to be alone doing things for YOU and YOU ONLY! If none of those are options for you at the moment then just carve out an hour or so after work or before work to just take a walk and be by yourself to clear your head.
  • De-Clutter– De-clutter your home, your personal life and most importantly your mind. Get rid of everything/everybody that isn’t conducive to you living a better, happier life. Do away with things and people who serve no purpose in your life. It’s a freeing feeling!
  • Start Taking Care Of Your Body There’s plenty truth to the saying that the better you look, the better you feel! Start making an effort to take care of yourself. Get out and get some fresh air everyday; stop putting unhealthy things into your body; get some regular stress-relieving exercise; stay on top of your personal maintenance and hygiene no matter how you’re feeling–being fresh and clean will ALWAYS lift your mood!

These are just a few things that may help get you out of a funk…hope it was helpful! 🙂