When The Sky Falls…


One thing we all have to realize when it comes to living our lives is that, sometimes the sky is going to fall on us; the ground is going to drop from beneath us and we will have to experience our worlds being turned upside down and inside out at several points in our lives. The next thing we must realize and always remember is…it’s ok. To make any type of progression in life some things are going to have to shift from time to time, whether you plan and prepare for them to or not, whether you’re ready for them to or not. Sometimes life just takes it upon it’s own powerful self to make the necessary adjustments for you, and sometimes the very situations and changes that we think are some sort of punishment or curse…actually turn out to be the blessings that we need in order to move forward.

The problems we encounter as we move through life are not actually the important part of who we are or who we may later become. The important part is how we carry ourselves through our trials, personal storms, and everyday dilemmas; how we hold on to ourselves as men and women when we are being beaten down and “tried” by our troubles. Your attitude is critical to overcoming. You must show up for your storm wearing the face of grace, strength, survival, and the faith that your hard times are not where you intend to dwell. You must believe that you are just passing through to pick up a few things…some wisdom, some courage, some strength, some motivation. Be arrogant enough to say that this sad pathetic place you’re in, isn’t good enough for you.

Nothing that happens to us in life is put in place to curse us. Unwelcome events, people, and situations are put before us to make us work to become better versions of ourselves, and to teach us to be doers as well as just thinkers. There is always a way “over”…but what we have to remember is that most of the time we can’t get there without first going “through”.  Read this again…process it…and come back to it anytime you feel like the sky is falling.



The Transformation


I don’t know where all of you are in your lives right now, but I’m ready to share with you where I am…and just maybe some of you or even just one of you will be in this same place at this same moment on this same journey. Maybe as I maneuver my own way through this thing I’ll call “the transformation”, it will help you on your way as well. Whatever the case…I’m inviting you on this ride. 🙂

I’m standing in the middle of my life…a little lost, but with a crystal clear destination. I’m moving forward…towards personal empowerment, financial independence, emotional growth, physical well-being, and peace. I’m giving up the idea that it’s too late to become the person I should’ve been working towards becoming 10 years ago. I can’t get back those years…but I can find wisdom and all sorts of useful lessons in them. I’m ready to “do the work” I need to do in my life to feel fulfilled…that includes leaving my baggage holding all my failures…behind. I’m no longer going to use my same old excuses of being too lazy, not focused, not ready, and not having time to do the things I know I need to do, in order to get to where I’m trying to go.

I am dedicating all my energy to becoming the most amazing SELF I can possibly be.

I know there will be obstacles, peaks and valleys…and people who will not believe in me. And that’s ok. I’m not on this journey for anyone but me. 🙂

The Awesome Kid Foundation!


Hello my M-powered army! I know I’ve been missing in action for a bit but…it’s was all for a worthy cause. I was working on a few projects including a non-profit charity I’ve set up called The Awesome Kid Foundation. To learn more about the cause, please visit the new website. The site has only been up less than 24 hours so it is a work in progress, but please take a minute to find out how you can help me in my mission to be an extra support system for less fortunate children. Any help is greatly appreciated…and please spread the word! Thanks :-)– Monique








Organizing Your New Middle-Schooler

If your child has entered middle school for the first time this year…then you already know what I’m going through. I spent a little over an hour Sunday night organizing binders, notebooks, unnamed, incomplete and undated assignments. Sheesh. Gone are the days where the teacher makes sure that your awesome son or daughter has his or her things neatly placed, named and dated in ONE little folder. Now there’s 5 or 6 different notebooks, all which have to be organized a different way; homework to help with, check, and keep up with from SEVERAL subjects; weekly reading and instrument practicing schedules which have to be filled out, as well as weekly projects, and online assignments.

If it can be overwhelming for us as adults…just think how impossible and overwhelming these tasks probably seem to an 11 or 12 year old. The best way to relieve yourself and your child of the stress of being disorganized and unprepared is to devise a plan to stay on top of things. Here’s a little help! 🙂

  • Go through your child’s bookbag daily to make sure there is nothing that needs to be signed,  returned or looked over. Also, check your calendar daily to see if there are any pending assignments or projects due for the week.
  • Choose a day every week to sit down with your child and re-organize– get rid of papers that are no longer needed, make sure everything is where it belongs, make sure anything that needs to be labeled is so, make sure anything that needs to be replaced or replenished such as writing paper, dividers, or folders are so.
  • Spend time everyday talking with your child about school. Ask questions and if your child doesn’t know the answers shoot the teacher an email or write them a note so that you know what your child is learning and if there is anything you can do at home to re-enforce their learning.
  • Use a dry erase calendar in your child’s bedroom or homework area so that they can also be reminded of when things are due and what their schedule is for the week.
  • Create a routine study/reading/organizing schedule so that you and your child aren’t cramming and doing rush jobs on assignments or projects.


I hope these tips were a little helpful! Feel free to share your own tips and advice here for organizing middle schoolers. 🙂



Getting Your “Perk” Back!


Feeling sluggish, tired, run down, and having little to no “get up and go” can make for rough mornings and exhausting afternoons and evenings.  Those crucial times of the day when you need the most energy, and a clear head to carry out your everyday rituals of caring for the family, work, kids activities, so on and so on…can be almost unbearable if you feel like all your motivation has been zapped.

The most common reasons we lose the pep in our step are poor diet, lack of sufficient sleep, not exercising and of course stress. Here are a few ways to help you fight these feelings of fatigue so that you can perform at your best, and not spend your days daydreaming about your bed! 🙂

  • First, lay off the sugary carby breakfasts such as high sugared cereal, pastries, and fattening sugary coffee drinks. All these things make you feel charged and great for about an hour or two…and then you crash. Try a breakfast high in protein such as eggs and turkey bacon, or a protein shake. Eat a mid-morning or afternoon snack to help maintain your energy, and make sure that it’s a healthy high protein, high fiber snack such as pistachios or almonds.
  • Keep your immune system strong so you can fight off illness by taking a daily multi-vitamin. Women who are pre-menopausal should take one which also contains iron.
  • Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night as habitual sleep loss can lead to chronic drowsiness.
  • Get your 8 glasses of water a day. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it also keeps your body’s systems running smoothly and cuts down on wrinkling of the skin!
  • Try some deep breathing exercises to get rid of stress. Take in a deep slow breath for 2 seconds, then slowly breathe out for 4…repeat for one minute.
  • Walk at least 10 minutes but preferably 30 minutes a day. This will make a huge difference in your energy level, and if you do this when you actually are starting to feel tired, you’ll increase your energy level for up to 2 hours! Walking is also an excellent way to clear your head. 🙂

Making these simple adjustments to your daily lifestyle can be beneficial to your physical health in addition to your overall well-being. Have a healthy M-powering day!

(sources: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen; Oprah.com)

M-powering Business Women: Sha “Deuces” Holland

Meet Sha “Deuces” Holland…owner/creator of  awesome accessories and make-up artistry line Darnell’s Closet.  Darnell’s Closet is so much more than just her business,  it is a personal passion with a cause. Please support this M-powered young lady in her mission to give back through her creativity! A portion of all proceeds of Darnell’s Closet goes directly to Relay for Life

Sha “Deuces” Holland (Annapolis, MD)

“Darnell’s Closet is named after my late sister Darnell. She was an amazing & phenomenal wife, mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, friend, & worshiper. Her stylish glam and beautiful smile rang out everywhere she went. In June of 2010 just a few months shy of her 40th birthday after 5 years of battling stage 4 breast cancer she went on to GLORY!! Even tho we miss her we have our own Angel and it gets no better than that. She is the drive & motivation behind Darnell’s Closet. My goal is to give you a fierce face and fabulous accessories while walking on faith appreciating FAVOR!! I hope you will support Darnell’s Closet…”